Your career as a welder.

 Not everyone’s dream job is in the office. Some people need to be on the move! They would rather have a tool in their hand than their hands on a keyboard. These are the type of people that make great welders, shippers, fabricators, and test lab engineers.

Whether you take some time off after school or are not interested in post-secondary and are ready for your next challenge, a welding career is productive and fulfilling. You can have a lot of life experiences here – learning welding and the different techniques, knowing how all our machines work and how to fix them. You could travel and meet new people, yep, even in welding! Something new is always happening in welding and manufacturing: a new tool, technique, or automatic/robotic machine.

A lot of the training happens on the floor and in a classroom. I don’t think you have to have manufacturing experience if you’re willing to learn from those around you. When hired, you’ll complete your training in-house with our best trainers. Training will include welding, safety, PPE, hazards, and things to watch out for.

You’ll have a chance to learn all aspects of the business, build machines with your hands, relationships with your co-workers, and build trust with customers. You’re not just building a machine. You may talk to engineers and work together to solve problems, fix any issues, and make it easier for the companies to manufacture their products.

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