Scott Equipment Customer service is better

Korea, Thailand and the VICTAM Show

Earlier this year,  Pat Leuer and Pete Calderon spent a week in South Korea and Thailand, working with our representatives, visiting existing clients, meeting new prospective clients, and exhibiting at the VICTAM show in Bangkok.

Our representatives in South Korea and Thailand, SM Tech and Luft-Tech, have done an excellent job of being able to capitalize on the ability to customize our equipment and the quality of craftsmanship in a very competitive region of the world, where there are still many “local” manufacturers of processing equipment and of course competition from China.

Scott Equipment Company, on average, will do 25% of our business outside of the U.S., and every year, we send 3 to 5 mixers to the Asian region for multinational clients, as well as regional producers. Scott Equipment Company’s success in this region of the world is due to our representatives, who are making the calls, developing the relationships with the clients, and providing continuing support after startup.

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