Three important factors to immediately consider when selecting a drying system.

 A drying system is a significant capital expenditure in your plant process, so it is crucial to choose carefully. Some continuous industrial dryers operate upwards of 8,000 hours per year in some of the most demanding conditions. In this post, one can expect to come away with important factors to consider when selecting drying equipment.

  1. Application Requirements

It is imperative that a complete material/application analysis is completed prior to evaluating drying equipment options.

  1. Footprint

End users know that options can be limited when plant space comes at a premium.

  1. Pilot Testing

Pilot scale production facilities are a great resource for end users to validate theoretical assumptions.

Given the unique nature of drying, end users must document and communicate important attributes such as material consistency, incoming & desired moisture content, bulk density, particle size distribution, physical & chemical properties, and whether a material is sensitive to heat or not. Also, be sure to explore the difference between a batch and continuous process.

Some drying systems may be ruled out given their space requirements. Keep in mind that production requirements ultimately determine how much space is required. Be sure to have an idea of the required rate and other processing needs.

Testing should be conducted in your selection process as early as possible. The testing phase is aimed to provide end users with an understanding of how the material will behave throughout the drying process, how the system should be configured and operated, as well as the size of the system to be recommended.

There are indeed additional factors to consider when deciding on a drying system. End users must be able to rely on drying system providers to support their organizational goals and objectives. With all the challenges supply chains have faced in the last several years, know there are experts available that one can rely on.

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