Ribbon ribbon single shaft mixer

The ins and outs of mixer maintenance.

 Mixer maintenance is essential to prolonging the life of mixing equipment as well as preventing lost production time from breakdowns. Several mixer areas require regular attention: mixer tub/rotor assembly, shaft seals, drive assembly, discharge gates, and bearings.

First, inspect the rotor periodically for excessive wear on the ribbon flighting or paddles, especially if the mixer handles abrasive products. If the mixed product has high moisture content and tends to build up the rotor and tub, it is essential to clean those areas regularly. One significant and helpful feature of mixer maintenance is the installation of side doors in the tub wall of the mixer. The easy, safe access inside the vessel will promote regular inspection and cleaning of the unit, ultimately prolonging the mixer’s life.

Mixer shaft seals should be inspected regularly and cleaned as needed. An excessive build-up in the seal area can damage the seal journals of the rotor. It is equally important to inspect the belt/chain drive on the drive assembly for proper tension and avoid overtightening, as this can damage the bearings in the motor and gearbox shafts. When the mixer is running and blending a full batch, it is important to check the amperage draw on the motor to ensure the mixer is not overloaded.

Finally, all bearings should be greased per the manufacturer’s instructions, and the discharge gate(s) should be inspected and cleaned regularly. If the gate is air operated, ensure the air supply is properly lubricated to avoid damage to the air cylinder.

By devoting a small amount of time to mixer maintenance regularly, breakdowns that could potentially last days can be minimized or even eliminated, and the life of the mixing equipment will be prolonged.

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