Listening to your customers

Scott Equipment’s mission is to provide custom solutions to our customer’s concerns.

Whether out in the field measuring facility space, designing, building, or consulting, we are always available to listen to customers’ needs. We can evaluate our role and assist them with their goals.

Recently, a customer approached us about a machine emerging in the market. Our customer described an enormous “beast” of  machine we built and asked if we could customize it for his business.

Upon asking deeper questions and taking the time to understand what the customer does and the production entails, we realized this machine was not what this customer needed. In our meeting, we detailed the different reasonings for what makes the most sense for the product and business.

We sat down with the customer and worked with them to build a lighter mixer that fit their requirements and their budget – a custom solution.

Honesty and reliability are two of our core values, and our mission is to leverage our experience to provide the best solutions possible for our customers. We build trust with our customers and focus on providing a positive customer experience before and after the sale.

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